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A US-born, London-based artist/producer with an ambient indie rock soul, ICEBERG’s heart-on-her-sleeve lyrics and captivating voice have jettisoned her into working with some of the best in the UK. Her writing prowess and production skills make her truly unstoppable. Previously a touring artist based in Nashville, ICEBERG loves to write songs in under 30 minutes, capturing an emotional spark at its brightest. The intensity and feeling she puts into every word make her voice feel as if it’s jumping out of the speakers.


As No Depression Magazine put it "Great music has the ability to talk to the head, the heart, move the limbs, sway the hips, stimulate the senses and stick in the memory. A great voice, however, does nothing less than talk to your very soul."


Icebergs are 90% under the surface, and that’s exactly how ICEBERG creates. She says “I write to trick my brain into telling me how I’m really feeling. To express things that are difficult to speak out loud. Growing up, my favourite feeling in the world was listening to an artist say something I’d felt but couldn’t articulate.”


ICEBERG has racked up an impressive one thousand shows as an independent artist, driving herself and her band around the US and Europe over a four-year period. She’s been praised in several big publications including No Depression Magazine, Pens Eye View and Huffington Post and played many radio stations along the way. Since moving to London four years ago, she’s worked many top studios, produced, and written for dozens of bands, written with X-Factor winner Matt Terry, featured as engineer and female vocalist in Aston Mic’s Project Element, and played top indie venues and festivals such as FloVibe and Fringe Fest. She also opened her own studio, Glassnote Productions, two years ago.


After receiving the DYCP Arts Grant and releasing a stunning new single called Noise in 2021, ICEBERG is ready to release a much-anticipated new album in mid-2022.

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